Thursday, September 11, 2014

Welcome to 2014-2015!

The World Languages Department is delighted to welcome its new and returning students to the 2014-2015 academic year!  There have been a few delightful changes that include two new staff members, Promethean Boards and...YES!...air conditioning!  Remember that the goal of this department is that students learn to COMMUNICATE through reading, writing, speaking, listening and understanding the cultures of the new languages being discovered.  Be sure to communicate your needs and desires to your teachers and let them know how best to serve you in your search for fluency and understanding. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Students working hard on mid-term final exams!

Not much activity this week other than preparing students for mid-term final exams that were taken Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Spring Semester 2014 begins Monday, January 27.  All students should report to their CORE classes at 7:25 AM to receive their schedules and then continue on to a Periods 1-6 day.

Sharing of picture stories and oral practice in Spanish 5-6

Señor Lawhead's Spanish 5-6 students hold up each other's picture stories as visual prompts to tell the story that they depict.  A few days later, students took their third oral exam by telling an unrehearsed story in the past tense from a picture story drawn by the instructor.  The oral tests were recorded using Google Voice and evaluated by the teacher on the computer!

Profe and his soccer players gearing up for FIFA 2014 World Cup!

In support of his students who play on the JV and Varsity Women's Soccer Teams, Profe Bañuelos showed his support attending their games this week against Mira Mesa HS.  Both teams won their matches, 6-0 (JV) and 3-0 (Varsity).  Profe will be traveling to Brazil this summer to support his team, México (as seen in the photo), along with attending other matches including the final.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Falcon Night for incoming freshmen this week!

Falcon Night, a chance for incoming Freshmen and their parents to learn about Scripps Ranch High School, will be held this coming Thursday evening (Jan. 16) from 6:00 to 8:00 PM in the gymnasium.  Many of the World Languages teachers will be on-hand to answer questions.  Don't forget to stop by the World Languages table and say hello!

Final Exam preparations being made

Señor Lawhead's classes received their final exam study-guide this week.  The review includes an oral test and a written test as preparation for the comprehensive final to given in all classes January 22-24.

ASL Dream Trip Presentations

Mrs. Redelings's ASL 3 students are preparing for their final presentation of the semester, Dream Trip. Contents include local food, lodging and transportation, activities, currency, and local spoken and signed languages. Grammar points include use of facial grammar and verb inflection.

Palabras de Frecuencia en Español 1-2

Señorita Chen’s Spanish 1-2 classes presented writing prompts in front of the class that helped students practice using different expressions of frequency to say how often they do certain activities in the day. They practiced conjugating “-ar” verbs and used sentences with “tener que + infinitive” to express different activities that they do: always (siempre), never (nunca), once in a while (de vez en cuando) and every day (todos los días).

Student make Lauscaux cave drawings

Students of Madame Leidhoff's second year French class studied the caves of Lascaux.  We learned terms of geography relating to the Ice Age, animals, was the way of life during these early times. Students learned the story of the discovery of these caves by four teens from the village of Montignac in the 1940s.  Students made  “cave drawings” in class in the style of the caves of Lauscaux and wrote clever stories in French to match their illustrations.

Students of AP French are beginning a unit on Justice and Politics.  Current events are the topic of discussion this week.

Body Parts Hurting

Students in Spanish 3-4 with Profe Bañuelos learned how to spell many body parts in Spanish and how to properly express when an item hurts.  Unlike in English when it is said "My knee hurts," in Spanish it is "Me duele la rodilla," which is more translated like "The knee hurts me."